Corn (or Maize) is a Cereal
Cereals: Corn or Maize

The “Cereals” category in the World Crops Database includes cereal grains in the family Poaceae (or Gramineae). These are grasses cultivated for their seeds. The earliest grown agricultural crops were probably cereals (e.g. barley, wheat). They were cultivated about 12,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent region. The most important cereals grown today are Maize, Rice and Wheat.

Total 26 crops found in category Cereals

1)    African rice
2)    Barley
3)    Canary grass
4)    Durum wheat
5)    Einkorn wheat
6)    Emmer wheat
7)    Finger millet
8)    Fonio
9)    Foxtail millet
10)    Hairy crabgrass
11)    Indian barnyard millet
12)    Japanese barnyard millet
13)    Job's tears
14)    Khorasan wheat
15)    Maize
16)    Oat
17)    Pearl millet
18)    Proso millet
19)    Rice
20)    Rye
21)    Sorghum
22)    Sorghum spp
23)    Spelt wheat
24)    Tef
25)    Wheat
26)    Wild rice

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Cereal grains (whole grains) contain a lot of carbohydrates and also vitamins, minerals, fats, oils, and proteins. If the bran and germ are removed from the seeds, the remaining part is mostly carbohydrate. Whole-wheat bread is therefore much healthier than white bread which is made from wheat flour from which the bran and germ were removed.

The word Cereal refers to the name of Ceres, who was the Roman goddess of agriculture.

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Examples of cereals

Rice belongs to the Cereals
Rice in a market in Thailand
Wheat belongs to the Cereals
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