Fruit Trees Paintings

Fruit trees appear in a lot of paintings. Especially Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh has produced several works with all kinds of flowering trees. The following is a small gallery of paintings with fruit trees.

1888 van Gogh Roze perzikbomen anagoria
Vincent van Gogh – Peach trees

Apple Trees in a Meadow by Edward Mitchell Bannister, c. 1890, High Museum of Art
Edward Mitchell Bannister – Apple Trees in a Meadow

Georg Macco Kirschblüte
Georg Macco – Cherry Blossom

Godward-Landscape Blossoming Red Almond (study)-c. 1912
John William Godward – Landscape Blossoming Red Almond

Vincent van Gogh Almond branches
Almond branches
Painting by Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh – Almond Tree in Blossom

Vincent van Gogh - Bloeiend perenboompje - Google Art Project
Vincent van Gogh – Flowering pear tree

Vincent van Gogh - Moerbeiboom
Vincent van Gogh – Mulberry tree

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