Apples are fruits
Apples are common fruits

The term “Fruit” usually refers to a structure of a plant containing the seeds. In the World Crops Database, the “Fruits” category refers only to fruits that are fleshy and are usually eaten raw (such as bananas, apples and mangoes). The category does not include vegetable fruits (e.g. beans, peas) or cereals.

Total 223 crops found in category Fruits

1)    Abiu
2)    Açaí palm
3)    Acerola
4)    Achacha
5)    African mangosteen
6)    Alpine currant
7)    Ambarella
8)    American gooseberry
9)    American persimmon
10)    Apple
11)    Apricot
12)    Arazá
13)    Asian palmyra palm
14)    Asian pear
15)    Atemoya
16)    Australian desert raisin
17)    Avocado
18)    Azarole
19)    Babaco
20)    Bael
21)    Banana
22)    Barbados gooseberry
23)    Bergamot
24)    Betel nut
25)    Bignay
26)    Bilberry
27)    Bilimbi
28)    Binjai
29)    Biriba
30)    Bitter orange
31)    Black chokeberry
32)    Black currant
33)    Black mulberry
34)    Black sapote
35)    Blackberry
36)    Blue-berried honeysuckle
37)    Borojó
38)    Breadfruit
39)    Buddha's hand
40)    Burmese grape

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There are hundreds of fruit species and many of these are eaten fresh as hand fruits or in desserts. Others are processed to make jams, marmalade or are used in cakes, cookies, ice cream, fruit juices, fruit wines or other products.

Fruits are often a good source of vitamins. Most have a high water content and depending on the type they may contain a lot of fiber and sugars. Generally fruits are considered good for health as they contain important vitamins (especially Vitamin C). Eating a lot of fruits is found to reduce risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease, strokes, and other health problems.

Some of the most important fruit crops in the world include banana, apple, grape, watermelon and mango.

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Examples of fruits

Sugar apples are tropical fruits
Sugar apples are tropical fruits
Mangosteen fruits
Mangosteen fruits

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