Green manures

Green manure - Red clover
Green manure – Red clover

The category “green manures” includes plants that are grown as natural fertilizers. Often these belong to the family Fabaceae (for example clover) because they contain high levels of nitrogen. Examples of green manures are clover, alfalfa and lupins.

Total 12 crops found in category Green manures

1)    Alfalfa
2)    Ana tree
3)    Blue lupin
4)    Clover
5)    Lacy Phacelia
6)    Red clover
7)    Sunn hemp
8)    Trefoil
9)    Velvet bean
10)    Vetch
11)    White clover
12)    Yellow lupin

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Examples of green manures

Green manure - Alfalfa
Green manure – Alfalfa
Green manure - Lupin
Green manure – Lupin
Green manure - White clover
Green manure – White clover
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