Leaf vegetables

Leaf vegetable: Lettuce
Leaf vegetable: Lettuce

The category “Leaf vegetables” includes plants of which the leaves are used as food. Well known leaf vegetables are lettuce and spinach. Some leaf vegetables (e.g. lettuce) are consumed raw, while others are cooked.

Total 63 crops found in category Leaf vegetables

1)    Agati
2)    Amaranthus spp
3)    Arrowleaf elephant ear
4)    Barbados gooseberry
5)    Beet
6)    Bitterleaf
7)    Black mustard
8)    Blanched celery
9)    Brussels sprout
10)    Buck's horn plantain
11)    Cabbage
12)    Cabbage-tree
13)    Celery
14)    Chameleon plant
15)    Chard
16)    Chayote
17)    Chicory
18)    Chinese cabbage
19)    Common dandelion
20)    Common purslane
21)    Corn salad
22)    Cress
23)    Curly leaf parsley
24)    Drumstick tree
25)    Endive
26)    Ethiopian eggplant
27)    Ethiopian mustard
28)    Flat leaf parsley
29)    Fluted gourd
30)    Garden rocket
31)    Good King Henry
32)    Green amaranth
33)    Iceplant
34)    Indian fig
35)    Indian spinach
36)    Kale
37)    Kohlrabi
38)    Kurrat
39)    Leek
40)    Lettuce

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Most common leaf vegetables come from short-lived herbaceous plants (e.g. lettuce), but also many trees and woody plants have edible leaves.

Leafy vegetables provide a lot of nutrients. They are low in calories and fat, but high in dietary fiber and vitamin C. Leaves are especially important as a source of vitamin K.

Examples of leaf vegetables

Leaf vegetable: Red Amaranth
Leaf vegetable: Red Amaranth
Leaf vegetable: Spinach
Leaf vegetable: Spinach
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