Nuts - Walnuts
Nuts – Walnuts

The category ‘nuts’ includes all crops that produce hard-shelled fruits which are called nuts. It includes not only true nuts according to the biological definition of a nut, such as hazelnut and chestnut, but any hard shelled fruits that contain an oily kernel used as food (e.g. groundnut).

Total 17 crops found in category Nuts

1)    Almond
2)    Betel nut
3)    Brazil nut
4)    Cashew nut
5)    Chestnut
6)    Chinese water chestnut
7)    Coconut
8)    Cola nut
9)    Common walnut
10)    Groundnut
11)    Hazelnut
12)    Japanese stone oak
13)    Macadamia
14)    Nutmeg
15)    Paradise nut
16)    Pecan nut
17)    Pistachio nut

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Examples of nuts

Nuts - Peanuts or Groundnuts
Nuts – Peanuts or Groundnuts
Nuts - Macadamia nuts
Nuts – Macadamia nuts
Nuts - Hazelnuts
Nuts – Hazelnuts
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