Plowing Farmers Paintings

The plow (or plough) is a basic instrument in agriculture and has been in use for thousands of years. Initially land was prepared with simple digging sticks or hoes. The first plows that were used were human powered, but when animals became domesticated plowing became easier with the use of horses and cattle. Nowadays animal power is almost everywhere being replaced by tractors. Many artists have used plowing farmers in their paintings.
The following is a brief galley of plowing farmers.

Bruegel, Pieter de Oude - De val van icarus - hi res
Pieter Brueghel the Elder – Landscape with the Fall of Icarus

Tolstoy ploughing
Ilya Repin – Tolstoy ploughing

Detail of Les tres riches heures - March

Rudolf Koller 001

Maler der Grabkammer des Sennudem 001
Grave chamber of Sennudem: Plowman

Brooklyn Museum - The Man at the Plough (L'homme à la charrue) - James Tissot - overall
James Tissot – The Man at the Plough

Das Pflügen 1890
Giovanni Segantini – Plowing

Carl Rüdell Der Pflüger
Carl Rüdell – The Plowman

Henry Herbert La Thangue - The Last Furrow 1895
Henry Herbert La Thangue – The Last Furrow

Le laboureur (The Ploughman)
Georges Philibert Charles Maroniez – The Plowman

Laboureur dans un champ – Vincent van Gogh

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