Stem vegetables

Stem vegetables - Green asparagus
Stem vegetables – Green asparagus

The category “Stem vegetables” includes plants of which the stems are used as food, for example asparagus is a stem vegetable. The shoots of some species of bamboo are edible and are therefore also classified as stem vegetable.

Total 15 crops found in category Stem vegetables

1)    Asparagus
2)    Bamboo
3)    Blanched celery
4)    Celery
5)    Celtuce
6)    Florence fennel
7)    Good King Henry
8)    Kohlrabi
9)    Lotus
10)    Moso bamboo
11)    Oldham's bamboo
12)    Rhubarb
13)    Sago palm
14)    Sea kale
15)    Wild rice

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Examples of stem vegetables

Stem vegetables: Kohlrabi
Stem vegetables: Kohlrabi
Stem vegetables - Bamboo shoots
Stem vegetables – Bamboo shoots
Stem vegetables - White asparagus
Stem vegetables – White asparagus
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