Timber - Teak plantation
Timber – Teak plantation

The category “timber” includes trees that are grown to produce wood that is used for furniture or building materials. The North American word for timber is “lumber”. Timber is available in many species; often hardwoods are used, but timber is also available in softwoods, such as white pine and red pine.

Total 8 crops found in category Timber

1)    African teak
2)    Ana tree
3)    Dengen
4)    Norway spruce
5)    Scots pine
6)    Sugar maple
7)    Teak
8)    Velvet apple

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Examples of timber trees

Timber - Norway spruce
Timber – Norway spruce
Timber - Scots pine
Timber – Scots pine

Timber photos

Timber - Log cabin
Timber – Log cabin
Timber - Logs
Timber – Logs
Timber - Wood structure
Timber – Wood structure
Timber - Logging
Timber – Logging
Timber - Wood
Timber – Wood
Timber - Wooden furniture
Timber – Wooden furniture
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