Vegetables Bangladesh
Vegetables – A market in Bangladesh

The “Vegetables” category in the World Crops Database includes edible plants that are grown as a food crop for their leaves, stems, roots, tubers, bulbs, corms, pods or flowers, but plants that are only grown for their sweet fruit or for seeds or grains are not included. Also plants that are consumed in smaller quantities, such as herbs or spices or medicinal plants are not included in this category.

Total 187 crops found in category Vegetables

1)    Ackee
2)    African eggplant
3)    Agati
4)    Air potato
5)    Amaranthus spp
6)    American groundnut
7)    Armenian cucumber
8)    Arracacha
9)    Arrowleaf elephant ear
10)    Arrowroot
11)    Artichoke
12)    Ash gourd
13)    Asparagus
14)    Avocado
15)    Azuki bean
16)    Bambara groundnut
17)    Bamboo
18)    Banana
19)    Barbados gooseberry
20)    Beet
21)    Beetroot
22)    Bitter bean
23)    Bitter gourd
24)    Bitter vetch
25)    Bitterleaf
26)    Black mustard
27)    Black radish
28)    Black salsify
29)    Blanched celery
30)    Breadfruit
31)    Broad bean
32)    Broccoli
33)    Brussels sprout
34)    Buck's horn plantain
35)    Buttercup squash
36)    Butternut squash
37)    Cabbage
38)    Cabbage-tree
39)    Caigua
40)    Calabash

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Vegetables are usually cooked but some types can be eaten raw for example in salads or as snacks. They often form an important part of main meals because they contain many different nutrients that form part of a balanced diet. Depending on the type they may contain protein, fat, vitamins (e.g. Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Vitamin B6), minerals, carbohydrates and other natural compounds. Together with fruits they are a vital part of a healthy diet.

Important vegetable crops include potato, onions, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, tomatoes and beans.

The world crops database includes separate categories for leaf vegetables, stem vegetables, fruit vegetables, flower vegetables, root vegetables, tuber vegetables, bulb vegetables, corm vegetables and podded vegetables.

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Examples of vegetables

Vegetables Kohlrabi
Vegetables Thailand
Vegetables – Market in Thailand
Fruit vegetables - Cucumber
Fruit vegetables – Cucumber
Leaf vegetable: Spinach
Leaf vegetable: Spinach
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